The kingdom of Sebah

Mansakeh, a budding writer, tells the story of his family, his parents and sister, in exile. His father spends his days dreaming about life as it was before the war in Liberia, and his mother Sebah develops herself into a successful politician. People are attracted to her charms, her beauty, ...
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Bound to Secrecy

Steeped in the tradition of supernatural detective fiction and exploring the use and abuse of power in dysfunctional governments, this novel begins with the arrival of William Mawolo, a stranger from the capital, in a border town somewhere in Africa. On a secret mission to investigate the disappearance of the ...
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The land of the fathers

This novel is about the founding of Liberia with the return of the freed slaves from America to Africa in the 19th century. The novel describes the interaction of these settlers, the so-called Americo-Liberians, with the tribes which already populated that area. It was not an easy interaction. Frequently it ...
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The Witness

The Witness is a novel about a white man, Onno, who leads a carefully crafted and almost monotonous life in a small town close to a large city. At the age of seventy Onno finds love. The love interest is a young and mysterious black girl with a past possibly ...
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The Black Napoleon

The Black Napoleon (2015): Zaiwulo is thirteen when he leaves his home Haindi in the forest in present-day Liberia and travels with his father to Musadu, an old city in the savannah in present-day Guinea. He comes to study under Talahat, a great scholar and head of a prosperous and ...
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